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Well it has been a long road, but no one ever said it was going to be easy.  I am proud to announce that The Dreams of Phillip Aisling is now officially published!  HUZZAAAH!  I can’t believe it.  All those long hours of writing, editing, discussing, pondering, re-writing, and formatting have finally yielded a finished book.  This book has taken me 8 years to produce.  With any luck (and support from readers and fans!) the next book won’t take so long.  Especially since I’ve learned so much about the process along the way.  I have listened to countless podcast episodes, youtube videos,read blog posts, etc all about how to write and self-publish your first book.  Now, it is done!  But that was the easy part.  The hard part is getting the book into the hands (and hearts) of readers!

Please pick up your copy on CreateSpace here.  I appreciate it if you purchase from CreateSpace rather than Amazon since my earned royalties on CreateSpace are nearly double.  It is also available on Kindle here.

My experience with self-publishing on CreateSpace has been a pleasant one.  I went through 5 different book proofs and I was impressed with their fast turn around time, excellent customer service, and useful tools to make the process smooth and easy.  I would recommend it to new authors.  They made it easy to format the book for print using a template.  One caveat I will say is that since I haven’t used any other self-publishing service then I cannot do a comparison, but I had a very good experience using CreateSpace.

The only minor issue I had was that in order to fulfill my Kickstarter backer rewards I needed to order 50 copies of my book.  The only way to order them was to publish the book and purchase copies.  I could have purchased proof copies, but then it would have said “PROOF” in the back of the book.  But now the book is available on Amazon before I even have the copies to send to my Kickstarter backers and I really wanted to get it into their hands before it was available to the general public.  But I guess that is what is required to get a signed copy, right?!  So far everyone is patiently waiting.  They will go out in the mail next week!  In the meantime, I will be diving into Facebook/Instagram marketing!  Thanks for reading!

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