Lucid Dream Training in a Virtual Reality Game

Written on 1/11/2017

Exciting news! I have started Project Lucid as part of the UCSD Virtual Reality Club.

What is Project Lucid, you ask?
Just my dream come true! My BIG dream is to create a VR game based on the Dreams of Phillip Aisling. And now it is happening! I’m so excited!

I’m working with a team of talented UCSD students to bring the game to life using Unity 3D. There will be a demo released later this year designed specifically for Google Daydream. Yes, we are creating a new release game for Google Daydream! A full version will follow for HTC Vive.

The idea behind the game is to teach how to control your real life dreams by using virtual reality. You see, lucid dreaming and VR having something in common. In both cases, even though what you can see and hear look incredibly real you are aware that it isn’t real. Lucid dreaming and virtual reality go hand in hand and VR is the perfect training ground for increasing awareness in your dreams and having more lucid dreams.

I have noticed while playing VR games that I occasionally will have to take a moment to recognize and remind myself that it isn’t real. This is like doing a reality check in a dream to become lucid. Phillips Lucid Dreamland will teach the player how to do a reality check, how to teleport, how to move objects with your mind, and many more lucid dreaming skills!

There are also many reports about how VR can help you have more lucid dreams.

We are excited to create it and we hope that you are just as excited to experience it and improve your lucid dreaming skills!

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