Phillip Aisling is just like any other boy, or so he thought.  On the night of his 13th birthday he has a dream so vivid that he is convinced it was real!   He soon learns that he has begun training with the Dream Masters.  They practice lucid dreaming to be able to fully control their dreams, giving them immense power.  But when his vivid dreams turn into nightmares he never wants to fall asleep again!

In his struggle to understand his remarkable dreams and prevent terrible nightmares, he finds The Dreamer’s Dictionary written to help young Dreamers make sense of their new powers.  It begins with a very peculiar poem:

Through the Gates of Dreaming come powers untold.

There are distant worlds for true Dreamers to behold.

You may not understand just what your dreams mean

Once you have broken through the barrier in between.

Each moment you sleep brings signs without number.

May this book bring meaning to visions of your slumber.”

The dictionary leads him to seek the guidance of the Oracle who gives him a numinous nagwaagan, or a magical dreamcatcher, to protect him from the draiths that are causing the nightmares.  With the protection of the nagwaagan hanging above his bed, he is finally able to safely return to dreamland. But his struggle to learn to control his new powers has only just begun!

Join Phillip and his friends on an epic journey to learn how to become a powerful Dreamer.  Explore the possibilities of where our dreams might come from.  Are our dreams nothing more than glimpses into alternate realities within the multiverse?

Have you had a dream so vivid that you are certain it was real?  Would you like to control your dreams? Maybe you too are a true Dreamer!