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Introducing Phillip’s Lucid Dreamland: A Virtual Reality Experience

About the Game

Phillip’s Lucid Dreamland is a virtual reality game with a main focus on lucid dreaming. The game is in correspondence with the book, The Dreams of Phillip Aisling and the Numinous Nagwaagan, but neither of the two are dependent on the other. In fact, the main purpose of Dreamland is to provide people with the tools for learning how to lucid dream.

Learn to Lucid Dream with VR

One of the main purposes of Phillip’s Lucid Dreamland is to inspire and teach people the art of lucid dreaming, which is best accomplished through the use of virtual reality. The reason for this is due to the fact that both lucid dreaming and virtual reality provide the user with the sense of a real-world experience, while allowing them to be aware of the fact that what they’re seeing is not the real world. This awareness of being in the dream state is what defines lucid dreaming.

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