Do KBoards Banner Ads Work? is a very popular message board website for avid Kindle ebook readers. Just the target audience you want to be in front of, right?! RIGHT!

Luckily they offer banner ads on their forums for just $40 for 24 hours!

But before you rush out and buy one, perhaps you should learn from my mistakes and find out if they actually work.

First, the idea is to use KBoards to drive traffic to a promotion. Similar to using, you can run a promotion on your Kindle ebook at and then advertise on Kboards and Bookbub to let potential readers know about the promo. What good is a deal if no one knows about it, right?!

Unfortunately Kindle Direct Publishing won’t let you run a discount promo within the first 30 days of publishing your book. I had to schedule my KBoards banner ad to coincide with the first day I could reduce the price to $0.99.

Then I bought a banner ad on for just $5


Looks amazing, right?!

I purchased the $40 banner ad on Kboards and communicated with their friendly sales team to ensure the ad would run during my Kindle countdown deal. So far so good.

So how did it turn out you ask?

During the 24 hours that the ad was live (and yes I DID go to KBoards and check to see if my ad was showing up. It didn’t show up on every page, but frequently enough for me to be satisfied that readers HAD to be seeing it) I sold ONE COPY of my ebook for $0.99.


Money invested = $40 for the 24 hour banner ad + $5 for the ad graphics = $45
Return on investment = $0.65 (after KDP took their cut)

NOT WORTH! So now you know. You are welcome.

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